*REMOTE* Fast-growing, Profitable Startup Needs a DevOps / System Admin / DBA / Automation Rockstar (Remote Position)

  • cmlviz.com
  • Los Angeles, CA, USA
  • Jun 23, 2019
Full time Finance

Job Description

Fast-growing, profitable startup needs a DevOps, DBA, and Automation rockstar to keep our company’s engine running at peak performance.

We’re an ultralight, financial services company with several products and thousands of delighted, paying customers. Our needs are changing all the time, and we need someone who can quickly learn and evolve as our company does. You should love to work hard and learn new skills.

This is a remove position. This could be retainer based for the systems performing well with an hourly rate attached for new work needed (such as new datasets we add), or a normal salaried position depending on your experience and desires.

We’ve bootstrapped ourselves into a profitable business. We’ve done it by keeping our team ultralight and by each person taking on dozens of responsibilities and kicking @$$ at all of them. We need a new wingman.

We’re a remote / distributed company, and this job is intended as a remote position. Working from LA or Berkeley with another team member is a possibility if you happen to live nearby.

We’re going to assess all of your skills in a live demo, so please be 100% honesty about what you know and what you’d need to learn.

Must Haves for You:

  • Several years of AWS experience including EC2 management, auto-scaling, reserved instance tuning, cost optimization, etc. (Working through the web console vs ec2 scripting tools is ok).
  • Excellent MySQL / MariaDB skills. You should know when to use which engines, the right way to set up indexing and primary keys, when foreign keys make sense and when they don’t, how to quickly bulk load, move, transform, and migrate data. How to optimize large datasets for read speed vs write speed, etc.
  • Strong Automation Skills. You should have a solid background in setting up automated data loads with alerting and fault tolerance. You need to be able to transform the data as part of the process, run calculations, update multiple data sources at once, etc. In other words, you should be an ETL pro.
  • Ability to take responsibility to keep servers and processes running 24x7x365. When you take time off, things should be working perfectly and you should document everything for a smooth handoff.
  • US based with legal working status and Excellent English communication abilities with native or near native fluency in speaking and writing. We’re delighted to have you be from anywhere in the world as long as your communication is excellent.
  • References for full time employment at a company that can be contacted by us. (We will need to talk to several people before hiring).

Strongly Desired, i.e. Unlikely to Hire without a few of the following, in approximate order of importance:

  • A degree in computer science or multiple years on the job where you wrote code for at least 50% of the time, with references.
  • Experience in financial services, with fundamental data, stock data, and the accompanying calculations and metrics.
  • Talend Open Studio.
  • WinAutomation.
  • Apache web server administration.
  • NodeJS & JavaScript coding abilities.
  • Google Docs API experience.
  • Stripe or PayPal API experience.
  • Other AWS skills with Route53, Aurora DB, database migration tools, etc.
  • .NET / IIS Administration.
  • SSL administration.
  • Linux (Ubuntu) administration skills.
  • Windows administration and PowerShell skills.
  • Selenium Testing Framework.
  • PHP or C#.
  • WordPress administration abilities.
  • Other Web Development Skills.

To apply,

  1. Write an email to: jobs@cmlviz.com.
  2. The subject/title of the email should be “DevOps Application” and append the ticker for the company Nvidia and the current stock price at the time of writing in the title of the email.
  3. Attach a resume in word or PDF format with your experience (we do this step to ensure people are reading carefully and following all the steps, thanks :) ).
  4. The email body should start with a 1 paragraph summary of your background and skills as where as you live and reside.
  5. Paragraph 2 of the body should by a copy and paste of the bullet items above that you feel you are strongly qualified for.
  6. Paragraph 3 should be your required starting salary and when you would be available for full time employment, as well as any other requirements you have (such as certain dates or hours of unavailability, etc).
  7. Paragraphs 4+ (use 1 to 3 more paragraphs for the following): describe a very difficult problem that challenged you from a DevOps / system admin perspective and how you problem-solved and resolved the issue.

Looking forward to your joining the team! Thanks!


Depends on experience

Visa Sponsorship