KubeCTL Magician wanted! DevOps with experience in: docker, k8s (kubeCTL), Go.CD, Rancher 2.0

  • Kyvio
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  • Jun 14, 2019
Full time Business Development Information Technology

Job Description

Who we are and our mission
We are a young startup with a mission to facilitate and accelerate a global shift from a knowledge economy to an entrepreneurial economy. We believe in an abundance mindset and our software is here to help every-day people to forget about the technical distractions and focus on their unique superpowers to help their audience improve their lives.

We do that by providing our users all the tools they need to get started with their online business today. Funnel builder, membership site builder, email marketing and more.

We are looking for YOU
- Somebody who wants to join our mission!
- Great communicator
- Loves to create good documentation
- detail oriented
- takes responsibility for his/her tasks and actions
- thinks ahead and not just limits him/herself to the tasks in front of you on the screen

Skills we are looking for:
- KubeCTL magician, this must be be 2nd nature to you
- Experience with Google Cloud 
- Must have at least 1 year experience with Docker
- CI/CD deployment pipelines setup experience
- At least 2 years experience with Debian / Ubuntu
- Experience with micro-service architecture
- understanding of development processes
- Good written and spoken English
- Some basic understanding of PHP, JS, HTML, CSS

Big plus:
- Certified Google Cloud Engineer
- Experience with Go.CD
- Experience with Rancher 2.0 (if not must be willing to learn)
- ELK stack experience

Tasks that need to be done to finish this project:
- Finish setup of Go.CD (include unit test + Sonarcube). 
Git pull + docker image build + deploy to k8s is done and working
- Setup pods based on folder in GIT for queue workers (1 pod per folder = 1 queue worker php script)
- DNS setup (cloudflare + Google CDN served static files from GSC, with 2 domains and both auto SSL)
- Setup cron jobs
- Setup K8s/Rancher 2 health check
- Deploy dev cluster to GCP for staging
- change permanent storage to GCP service
- Setup Railgun (from cloudflare)
- Setup DNS for staging
- make everything HA on staging (db's, web servers, ES, cache servers, web servers)
- Clone staging cluster to production
- Move our (WP) blog to subfolder instead of subdomain with ingress
- of course the occasional unforeseen tasks surrounding what has been mentioned.

(btw we have 7 microservices 4 FE and 3 BE)

Note you are NOT alone.
1. system architect. Very senior but very little time. Works few hours a week
2. Devops engineer. Works full time
3. YOU?

Our offer:

Step 1: 
Help us finish our infra setup dev - staging - production on GCP.
We do this on milestone based contract.
Must be available FULL time (40+ hours per week) for 4 weeks.

We need somebody that is ready to get started right away.

Step 2: 
After setup we go to per hour contract for less hours (maintenance and optimization mode), we'll discuss how many you think will be needed and of course we'll need you if something goes wrong.

This step will also include creating very good & clear documentation, teaching programmers the docker / k8s ways etc.

- You decide when you work (but minimum 40 hours p/w must be adhered in setup phase)
- Work from anywhere or even while travelling (got digital nomad ambitions? We can help!)
- we respect local holidays. You can take days off when you want we just ask you to let us know 2 weeks in advance for our planning
- yearly raises guaranteed
- You can request education courses and depending on price / relevancy we reimburse you for it
- We're creating an online shop for Kyvio clothing items you can get a few and we'll reimburse you for them
- Yearly company retreat (in the making)
- Fair salary based on your experience, and most of all your work. You grow with the company. We are a team, a family when company income grows so does income for all of our team members.

How to apply
1. Read this FULL job ad
2. Make sure to answer the qualification questions asked
3. Write a short application letter, why you want to work with us and why we should choose you

Talk soon!

P.s. we will ask you to provide some solutions in writing based on a real-life solution (we already have it solved) we do this to test if you have the experience / insights we need. If you feel 'to good' to spend 30 min on this don't bother applying!

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