DevOps Engineers - Microservice Oriented Architecture (open to visa sponsorship & part-time remote)

  • Digital & You
  • Paris, France
  • Jul 13, 2018
Full time Banking Insurance

Job Description

Fully integrated in the BNP Paribas Group, BNP Paribas Corporate and Institutional Banking (CIB) is a leading provider of solutions to two client franchises: corporates and institutionals.
Within this pole, the Analytics Consulting team is responsible for helping CIB entities maximize their understanding of customers, products, services and operations. To do so, the team analyses business issues/opportunities and solve them through a deep data analytical approach.

A few apps designed here :

- A translation web app specialized in finance, with a machine learning backend.
- A Google-like search engine based on Elasticsearch
- An entities recognition app, that extracts meaningful data from any document
- And many other apps: speech to text, text generator, chatbot, contact management, ...

Mission objective: help the team fully automate the deployment of a micro-service oriented architecture for internal data science and web applications.

Technologies we use: Docker, Kubernetes, Node.js, Go, Python, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Cassandra.

Candidate should demonstrate knowledge of:

- container orchestration usingKubernetes
- continuous integration tools: Gitlab CI or Jenkins
- configuration management tools: Ansible or Chef/Puppet/Salt
- distributed databases (Cassandra) and search engines (Elasticsearch or SolR)
- Bash/Python
- Git
- Monitoring and logging management

Working on a wide range of modern web and artificial intelligence projects, build in-house applications, working hand-in-hand with the developers, data scientists and product owners of the analytics consulting team.
As our DevOps lead, you will be in charge of designing and implementing CI/CD automation in order to reduce our time to market development process.

Key Responsibilities

- Design and implement continuous integration pipeline based on Jenkins
- Design and implement continuous delivery, leveraging Docker, Docker-compose
- Automate/script product installation and infrastructure provisioning
- Automate parts of the development delivery process using scripts and other appropriate tools
- Improve developer experience and manage the software development tools used by the development team
- Collaborate with dev team to setup Sonar code quality rules
- Implement test strategy best practices including integration, performance and security tests

- Integration and deployment process on the following environment: Git, Jenkins, Sonar, Artifactory, Docker, and Rancher
- Proficiency on script language (Ansible)
- Developer background

- A wide variety of open source technologies and tools
- To code and script
- Systems and IT operations
- Incremental code testing and deployment
- Strong grasp of automation tools

Visa Sponsorship