DevOps Engineer / Web / BigData

  • Ingenico Group / Shaping the future of payment
  • 15th arrondissement of Paris, Paris, France
  • Jun 13, 2018
Full time Finance

Job Description

We are hiring DevOps Engineer to automate every aspect of deploying and building applications supporting a high volume of payment transactions in a mission critical environment.

We operate a modern private infrastructure deployed in multiple datacenters, providing our clients with highly available and reliable payment services.

As a DevOps Engineer, you will a part of a young and dynamic Operation team working closely with various Development teams in order to create and maintain a quality of service for Ingenico clients.


Your main responsibilities:

·       Work closely with Agile team squads (Scrum, Kanban) and provide them with knowledge and support they need to build reliable robust and performant applications.

·       Ensure High Availability and Load Balancing requirements (ExaBGP, HAproxy, F5, and A10).

·       Primary analysis of applications compliance to various security requirements including PCI-DSS

·       Deployment and support of applications in Development Integration and Production environments,

·       Write configuration management manifests modules for various services (Puppet, Ansible), as well as support Development teams involved,

·       Debug challenging issues between application, network and system contexts.

·       Being expert in Linux (RHEL) and Git.

·       Manage middleware industrialization (Tomcat, JBoss)

·       Automate things. Write programs and scripts for automation of all aspects of datacenter management (Python, Ruby and Perl).

·       Provide valuable metrics and business monitoring (Sensu, Grafana, Kibana, ELK, Icinga 2).

·       Manage infrastructure for Dev teams (Jenkins, GoCD, Bamboo, Gitlab-CI).

·       Create tests around our infrastructure suite to improve reliability

·       Work with various database technologies such as Postgress, Oracle, ElasticSearch, Hadoop, etc.

·       Work with Architects, Product Owners; communicate with Operations, Dev, QA and Integration teams all around the Globe.

Your key qualifications :

·       3-5 years of experience with configuration management tools such as Puppet, Ansible or transferable.

·       Valuable experience designing and working with modern Continues Integration and Continues Deployment solutions.

·       Strong knowledge in debugging Linux servers; High efficiency in Linux working environment.

·       DevOps skills in Java environment; Experience in debug SSL related issues and monitoring of Java application.

·       Ability to write programs using a high-level programming language such Java, Ruby, Python, Perl,

·       Experience with logging infrastructure and tools such as Logstash, Elasticsearch, Kibana, Splunk;

·       Experience with networking load balancers such as HAProxy, Ngnix, F5 and/or A10 is highly desirable;

·       Experience with Schedulers such as Control-M;

·       Demonstrated ability to work on small, focused teams to complete critical milestones under pressure with tight deadlines;

·       Independently driven, proactive, accountable, reliable, team player;

·       Experience in Docker, Kafka is desirable


Keywords :

Puppet, Ansible, Foreman, vmWare, F5, Contol-M, Sensu, Git, Linux, RHEL, HAProxy, JBoss, Tomcat, A10, Python, Java, Ruby, Perl

Visa Sponsorship