PROLOGISM (founded in 1999) is an IT consulting and technical expertise services company, focusing on Quality of Service for Critical Applications and Infrastructures.

The company is fully independent :

  • Stock 100% owned by founders, management staff and employees,
  • No attachment to any software editor nor service provider.

Our mission : To enhance control of applications/infrastructures quality of service, throughout their whole lifecycle :

  • Architecture / Design,
  • Development / Build,
  • Run / Scale.

Our belief : Industrialization and Measurement - that is DevOps major leverages - are the two foundations of Quality of Service.

Our missions typology :

  • Preventive :
    • Technical, applicative and Big Data architecture,
    • Design, Development, Integration,
    • Technical tests, performance/resilience benchmarks,
    • Tools and technical components design & development,
    • Run phase monitoring, tuning, optimization.
  • Curative :
    • Recovery from crisis situation for QoS,
    • Diagnosis/recommendation (technical audit : application, middleware, infrastructure),
    • IT teams practices and procedures,
    • Projection of changes impact on QoS,
    • Ramp-up (transactions, users, data, etc.),
    • Migration (infrastructure, technical basement, infra provider).
  • Prescriptive :
    • Applicative metrology approach and tooling,
    • Metrics and indicators definition,
    • Measurement setting up,
    • Usage of events, metrics and KPI (infra monitoring, tuning,  security, capacity planning, business usage, security, help desk …),
    • Big Data architecture and tools (IT viewpoint)
    • DevOps approach (including industrialization and tooling),
    • Continuous integration, packaging, testing, configuration management,
    • Continuous delivery, continuous deployment,
    • QoS management approach and tooling,
    • Change management.

Some of our customers : Societe Generale, Euronext, PMU, La Banque Postale, BNP Paribas, CNOP, Fastbooking, SNCF, Barclays, Allianz, Banque de France, CACF, GALEC, ...