Alma Technologies

We Are Mission Driven

Students always come first. We are here to improve the education of students. Our focus is on the whole student - we build tools that ultimately help enrich both their intellectual and emotional growth. We do this by empowering the greatest learning resource that students have at school: educators.

We believe that educators and parents best understand how to help our children grow intellectually and socially. Our job is to empower educators with more time and better data to enhance whatever style of learning they deem best for their students.

Educators, Parents, and Students Define the Problems We Solve

Our product designs are based on research done at schools. Our product development process starts and ends by interviewing each constituency in schools (administrators, teachers, students, and parents) and creatively developing solutions that empower the school and parents. While this approach requires enormous amounts of time and energy, we feel it necessary to produce a world-class software platform with real impact on schools and students.

We Are Always Asking Educators

What busy work would you like to offload on Alma? What information helps you improve student performance - to whom, when, where, and how should this information ideally be presented? What works well at your school? What was your most painful headache today, this week, this month? If you have any suggestions for us, let us know here or, better yet, have a conversation with us.

We Incorporate Progressive Best Practices to Improve Student Outcomes

We look for and identify innovative best practices that are happening in schools. We then build our tools to allow schools to more easily adopt these best practices, if the schools feel it is right for them.

We Focus On the Busywork, So Educators Can Focus On Students

Every educator must perform a wide spectrum of activities that range from busy work to highly nuanced interactions with students and fellow educators. We build well-designed tools that reduce the time and energy the busy work requires, leaving beneficial face-to-face interactions to educators.

Our Work Is Never "Done"

Every day we make our platform, customer service, communications, and process better. Our software is never "done," as we will keep further refining and developing. We will never stop pushing to better serve and communicate with our clients. As an organization, we celebrate finding ways to get better and implementing those improvements.

The Stronger Our Team, the Greater Impact We Have

We are a team of entrepreneurs and educators. Each team member represents a critical piece in determining the success of our company. As individuals, we take ownership over our roles and responsibilities and drive them until they are done well. As a team, our solutions will have a societal impact. Accordingly, we operate with a tremendous amount of mutual respect and accountability.