Clear Measure


We know you have aggressive business goals. We also know you need to be confident in your team’s ability to deliver a successful software project to achieve those goals.


The problem is software development is complex — there are delays, quality problems, and tons of complicated choices. This can leave your team feeling frustrated and your goals at risk.


At Clear Measure, we believe you deserve a predictable outcome every time you launch a new software project. We understand the challenges you face and the consequences of not delivering. 


Yes, you have a big job, but it doesn’t have to be hard. We can help. Our processes, tools, and resources are used by countless development teams across the globe to win consistently with DevOps, .NET, and Azure. Here’s how we do it:



Share your vision for your project and what’s holding you back.


We’ll give you a plan to overcome your challenges and be self-sufficient.


We’ll guide your team through obstacles and empower them to succeed.

So, contact us today @ (512) 521 0908.  In the meantime, download a free PDF copy of Jeffrey Palermo’s book, “.NET DevOps for Azure: A Developer’s Guide to DevOps Architecture the Right Way” to breakthrough your software problems and empower your team with the tools they need to consistently deliver successful outcomes for your business.