We're Messagemedia, we help businesses create engaging mobile experiences that their customers will love. Headquartered in Melbourne and with offices in SF, London, Ho Chi Minh, Sydney and Auckland, we're a truly global business of around 230 people. 

Our product teams are co-located so they build, ship and support their own products. Whilst we kind of follow an agile path, our teams are free to figure out how they'll best execute, some of them run a kind of Agile/Kanban/Waterfall hybrid, it works for them, so it works for us.

We think there's a pretty high bar of engineers here and we've been lucky enough to hire some super smart Product Managers to help take us to the next level. It's a fun environment, where you'll get to work at scale; we've got around 40,000 B2B customers at the moment and we'll send ~1/2Bn messages this year.

If this sounds like an interesting conversation to you, then we'd love to talk to you.