RedRoute is paving the path to amazing voice-enabled interactions with technology. Voice interaction (e.g. Alexa) is an emerging field and our advancements across voice UI design, technology, and data analytics are helping lay the foundation for this next great interface.

We focus on communication between individuals and businesses. Our initial product is RedRoute IVR (Interactive Voice Response), a Phone Call Automation System which replaces legacy IVR systems for large call centers. When customers call, we speak to them first and help them do what they want to do efficiently, quickly, and pleasantly, without waiting on hold for an operator.

We’ve handled tens of millions of these interactions since launching in October 2017, and will clear $4M Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in Q1 2019, up from $0.5M ARR in Q1 2018! We work with companies in the US, Canada, Britain, and Australia.

RedRoute was founded in 2015 by students in Cornell University's startup accelerator.