Why JobsForDevOps ?

Since almost two years ago, I started DevOpsLinks, a DevOps technology watch and online community focused on both technology and culture.


This community was growing every day and we moved from 1,2, tens to hundreds and now we are thousands of IT experts, developers, ops engineers and DevOps enthusiasts.




I have been contacted by recruiters and headhunters several times to post job offers in the community newsletter and it was an efficient way to get the attention of targeted job seekers.


That’s why I launched Jobs For Devops, a job board dedicated to the Devops ecosystem.





A recruiter can post job offers and choose some options in addition to that.

  1. Featuring the job and/or the company in the home page of this job board
  2. Featuring the job in the weekly community newsletter
  3. Sharing the job to the community Slack team chat in a dedicated channel (#jobs) that was created for this purpose
  4. Broadcasting the job onto between 100 and 200 other tech job boards from our network !




This way, we guarantee that the job will be seen by professionals that are really looking for new opportunities.



If You Are Hiring

You can easily create an account and start sharing your job offers with our DevOps community members and hundreds, probably thousands of candidates.

In my experience as a software engineer, DevOps hiring isn’t a simple thing since both technical and cultural criterias are examined during the hiring process. I wrote an article about effective hiring that could help you identify the best candidate and it could help: DevOps Hiring Explained In 10 Points

IT professionals are rarely unemployed or looking for new opportunities and chances to get their attention are small, but Jobs For DevOps will help you overcome this ! 

If this sounds like something that will make your recruitment process easier, I will be happy to hear to your suggestions and questions.


If You Are Seeking For New opportunities

You can create a profile in one click using your Linkedin account and your profile will be imported automatically.

After that, set up a job alert using the widget in the sidebar of the platform.

If you want to test some of your knowledge, check The Must Know Checklist For DevOps & Site Reliability Engineers.

Don’t forget to join the community and receive job updates in the weekly newsletter.

If this sounds like something that will make finding new opportunities easier, I will be happy to hear to your suggestions and questions.



Aymen El Amri


CEO & Founder