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Unifonic Riyadh Saudi Arabia
Jul 10, 2019
Full time
The DevOps Specialist is responsible for collaborating with software developers, system operators and other engineering team members to manage code releases. The DevOps Specialist is working to cross and merge the barriers that exist between software development, testing and operations teams, and keep existing networks in mind as they design, plan and test. The responsibilities of the DevOps Specialist include but not limited to: Setup and enhance of CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment). Configure the company's products to meet the functional requirements including configuration of functional areas and technical areas (e.g. integration interfaces, integration maps, web services, transport protocols, etc.). Troubleshoot and remediate issues impacting the integration, operations of the infrastructure and systems. Ensure high availability of the company’s products, platforms [24x7x365] including but not limited to messaging, voice and e-mail gateways, in addition to assessing emergencies, providing analysis, and recommending solutions. Write and deploy scripts in different environments to automate day-to-day operations. Maintaining servers’ configuration, monitoring jobs and infrastructure documentation across the cloud environment ( Amazon AWS, Azure .. etc.). Work extensively with the offshore teams and network of partners on a daily basis. Requirements Hands-on 3+ years of recent technical experience in Professional Services/Enterprise DevOps role. Strong technical skills are required. Proficiency in multiple functional areas is required such as VPN, SMPP, VOIP, SQL, Java, PHP, Python, Integration technologies, web services, middleware, etc. Strong integration and configuration skills are required, e.g. network devices and servers (e.g. Cisco Router, Windows and Linux, AWS), integration maps (e.g. EDI maps, XSLT maps, etc.), web services, setting up transport protocols (e.g. AS2, SFTP, FTPS, etc.), scripting languages (e.g. PHP, Python, etc.), source control and continuous integration tools ( e.g. Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, etc.). Bachelor degree in Engineering, Software, or other IT related field. Must be able to spend substantial time interfacing with the offshore teams on a daily basis. Fluent in English  
Unifonic Remote
Jul 10, 2019
Full time
The Software Development Manager is responsible for defining, leading and delivering company’s products on time and budget, overseeing project/product whole life-cycle, communicating closely with key stakeholders, supporting company’s product portfolio and continuously improving the product, project, and vendor management process and methodology. The Software Development Manager is playing a large part in orchestrating engineers to achieve great results. The responsibilities of the Software Development Manager include but not limited to: Define and own technical product requirements, specifications, and road-maps based on user and business needs by working closely with product, marketing, operations, and sales teams. Work with Product Managers, Designers, Marketers, and Executive Managers to prioritize, schedule and deliver work, evaluating the progress of work in progress to identify when adjustments need to be made to resourcing. Own, operate and maintain stakeholders' services.  Employ Agile methodologies to continuously deliver value to customers.  Institute and maintain a rotating on-call incident escalation and response processes for the team. Build and manage client’s technical solutions and make sure that the proposed designs meet client requirements. Drive engineering process improvements to improve the efficiency and impact of the resources. Partner with product, marketing, sales, operations and external stakeholders to streamline operations relevant to company’s products and solutions, and maximize the efficiency of team's efforts. Participate in industry working groups and conferences to understand industry needs. Lead the research and evaluation of emerging technologies, industries and market trends to improve the client experiences, assist in project and product development and operational support activities. Collaborate with internal teams to ensure that products are launched and run successfully. Track performance of releases through metrics. Work closely with delivery, product, marketing, and operations teams to help on-board clients with new features and provide technical training. Be the point-person across the company for product’s technical road-map, new features, platform integrations, and launch specifics. Institute development best practices to ensure the stakeholders produces high quality, well architected and supportable code, lead reviews of architecture design and code and enable a Continuous Integration environment. Serve as the technical owner of the company products, breaking down roadblocks as well as managing communications with stakeholders and dependent teams.  Create a culture of continuous improvement through retrospection. Foster an engineering culture focused on customer satisfaction using a data-driven approach. Requirements Hands-on 7+ years of relevant engineering work experience and 4+ hands-on technical management experience in shipping large scale projects with multiple dependencies across teams. Hands-on 5+ years of experience as a PHP or JAVA Developer and 5+ years in database management (MySQL, Casandra... etc). Exceptional coding abilities and experience with architectural patterns of large, high-scale applications. Track record in partnering, recruiting, building and leading on-shore and off-shore engineering teams and technology vendors. Strong integration and configuration skills are required, e.g. network devices and servers (e.g. Cisco Router, Windows and Linux, AWS), integration maps (e.g. EDI maps, XSLT maps, etc.), web services, setting up transport protocols (e.g. AS2, SFTP, FTPS, etc.), scripting languages (e.g. PHP, Python, etc.). Bachelor degree in Engineering, Software, or a related discipline or the equivalent. Strong analytical skills to analyze the customer requirements and translate them into functional requirements. Ability to create product demonstrations based on client needs. Ability to work in a dynamic environment in which the requirements are not always well defined, and requirements and priorities change frequently. Strong attention to detail while maintaining sight of the big picture. Must be able to spend substantial time interfacing with the offshore teams on daily basis. Fluent in English with excellent writing/editing and verbal communication skills.
Jul 10, 2019
Full time
What are you planning to do next? Why not be a part of Torus? As a blockchain start-up, the experiences you get are endless. Be the one that builds a groundbreaking, decentralised key generation tool and help connect people all around the world. Join us in making an impact in what we do. About Us: Torus provides Frictionless log-ins for Dapps. We work on solving this through a distributed key generation scheme, linking current existing user accounts (e.g. Google accounts) to public-private key pairs - in the long-term becoming the world’s identity platform.  Before embarking on Torus the founding team worked on different Ethereum Foundation projects including ENS and Plasma research. The decentralized key generation scheme we're building is novel and interesting work. Torus has a fast-paced working environment, which focuses on implementation. Ultimately we're looking to leave an impact. The team is heavily execution-driven, flexible and impact focused. We’re a young dynamic team with a diverse background whether in terms of ideas or ethnicity. The company is also VC funded. What more? Developers can expect the chance to take part in blockchain hackathons and conferences all over the world. Responsibilities: Design and implement system and network infrastructure Tuning, capacity planning and load demand forecasting of systems Automation and enhancement of existing tools for cloud systems Coordinate on product releases and deployments Contribute to research around decentralized solutions within blockchain technologies Collaborate with a team to improve the company’s engineering tools, systems and procedures, and data security Build and protect the backend line of defence against problems like bugs, (secure user authentication, cryptocurrency pricing, API connections with 3rd party liquidity providers) Conduct systems tests for security, performance, and availability Have a strong sense of responsibility and problem ownership Requirements: 3 - 4 years of experience in a relevant role (Software Engineering, DevOps) Familiar with Golang, Kubernetes, AWS, Docker Strong interest in cryptography / blockchain You have expertise in software development methodologies You possess a problem-solving attitude Qualification: Demonstrated software engineering experience from previous internship, work experience, coding competitions, or publications  Degree in Computer Science or a related field Check us out at If you’re interested, do reach out to us at

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